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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.
Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.
The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.
How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.
What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.
Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

thanks Rachel. =) you wont be on the shelves.
working 3 consecutive nights. afterall it wasnt you.

4:03 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, May 25, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

when you're gone, there's nothing left in my world.
空缺Empty Space - 伍家辉Wu Jia Hui
i overslept, supposed to be working at 11am, but i was just not in the right mood to work, i purposely place my phone such that it wont disturb my sleep. how i wish i could sleep and days will pass and i might forget you. impossible.
i ate dinner at astons in a kopitiam with jh. then went drinking session with pris and jh. i caused pris to vomitted on the street and caused jh to stay when she got work at 10. saw cp. went to eat prata after mac. sit at 209 basketball court. i look at the moon with you. telling myself you are watching it with me,as we are watching at the same moon, you are at the other side of the world. we slack through daybreak, and it's nearly morning, but i dun see the sun because its raining now, heavily. o, and we sing..its kinda long till i recall we sing wu ding, no its chuang wai..
she had a great voice, i could never compare with her. i wanted to do something but was held back due to fear, sorry that i ...
24 was shayna's birthday, and i didnt wish her. =/
after today, you probably would have forgotten me.

6:22 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, May 24, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

just what am i thinking, to actually bid goodbye with you. the me who only ate 4 piece of bread and few crumble chips on 23 was nonsense.
i think i've gone too far, just because i dun want to love you, i actually did that. i know i am selfish, but i didnt want to deceive myself. i love you even you were just an illusion.
half of me was gone after that goodbye with a full stop. i am cheating, despite knowing that i have photographic memory and i cant forget you, i still want to make myself to forget you. hope that you are forgotten. am i selfish , was i rude? you wont give me an answer anymore, just because i said goodbye to you.

remember when i said the bus definition when u said something about love.
remember when i told you about the life i want to have.
remember when i elaborate all those acts that a boyfriend would do
remember when i want to cater you when you are sick
remember when i picture the sunset at the west ?
so? i cant even compare to an ex RI nor the whatever pro which got in the wahtever compertition and got top few in the world.
i think it takes two hands to clap? like whatever that's happening right now, or has happened before, it is the impact of both of you that led to what happens today
but maybe both of you were at fault? or it was nobody's fault, it just happens to happen this way
said by a third person.
kristin's birthday and i didnt even wish her. what am i doing ! could you tell me?
shit i shouldnt ask for you anymore. please

12:35 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, May 23, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

italics is definitely not me, tho i wished it was me.
work is getting a little troublesome.
would you go to that extreme to risk your life, just to protect or save your loved ones? i really mean your life. krory did. kanda did too. and other exorcist that killed by the noah. to defeat the noahs, kanda used taboo three illusions which require to absorb the master lifespan to give bestow power to the sword.. krory drank three bottles of akuma's blood to increase its power however the poison would spread and kill. they went to that extend to risk their life, just to make sure that their comrades are fine.
i always do the same old thing, just to check you are fine, tho i dun really have super powers. which means i dun really know how are you. so please let me know if you are not alright. i really want to be there. really! i know i wont be the one, but maybe someday or maybe not.
i missed lots of episode for the 9o'clock show, and ziling died =/ i would grieve too, if someone in my picture died.
a fade voice sounded at the back of my mind..that wont happen!

2:17 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

thank goodness you didnt go to sichuan, if would be like, meals without spoon, breathing without oxygen. you get what i mean la.
to the world; you may be one person but to one person you may be the world. and you're the world to me.
11hours later, kissed goodbye to introduction to visual merchandising =D

3:56 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, May 19, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

okay this song says everything i wanted to.

my laziness was the problem from the start. 1 month of sch, i got a few sleepless night, sorethroat to throat infection and lastly rubbish presentations.
i just need someone who could assure that i do my work and lead a normal life.afterall probably i need that 50cents hug. oppotunity dun come by all the time.

between this 1 week from the previous post, i was like so useless la.
its terrible to fall sick,
i can never have you but i'll never forget you.
i thought i was italics, you thought i assume who conclude?
june was a terrible month. just hope it wasnt the way i heard. shayna and winnie's birthday coming.. shayna,

5:27 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, May 11, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

watched accuracy of death on saturday midnight. i only completely understand after i left the cinema. i was tired to like process,the story so got meaning la. whats your definition of death, probably i need you to answer optimistic-ly. i was as usual late for 10 mins for apel lesson. CCN was bowlshit. within this 1 week, i have to talk about depression for apel, chanel history etc.. draw a store layout and store image of my idea of how chanel going to be like for assignment 3, and a window display and a presentation for assignment 4.
my cousin married la! wedding dinner at sentosa. i said omedetou (congrats in japanese) to her after the dinner, hahas she praised me kay ! shall not elaborate further, the food was good, service was poor.
maybe irene didnt want to get married? and wendy hopes that i grow taller than her?
You feel shy whenever they're around.
You smile when you hear their voice.
When you look at them, you can't see
the other people around you, you just
see him/her.
They're all you think about.
You realize you're always smiling when
you're looking at them.
You would do anything for them, just
to see them.
While reading this, there was one
person on your mind this whole time.
You were so busy thinking about that
person, you didnt notice number seven
was missing
You just scrolled up to check & are
now silently laughing at yourself.
wendy show me this, and i thought of you like so, haha. till then, next week.

1:42 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, May 09, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

sorry celement i screwed our presentation. i should have know its not approperiate. anyway i wont disappoint you again. i spent so much time to draw the sketches. i only had sleep this morning at 7plus am, and i had to wake up 11plus am. was like so rush la, 12pm i go scanned and see that cute picture over at somebody's house, then go pizza hut, faxed the deferment thing..i had to reached school at 1pm, was late 10 mins, but it was some rubbish briefing. anyway, my course got someone look so super alike like chenpei la. shocked and shocking to saw it.
my drawings was nothing compared to others la. people see it with a wow. later got kopi session at starbucks, midnight movie at TM. tomorrow 9am apel lecture, got ccn briefing? then movie with qh? then wedding dinner at night.
exorcist; a compatiable user of an innocence to deal with earl, noah family and akuma..
go watch 9 oclock show le la, pretty girls!
someone please ask me to stop =x

8:38 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

i been posting midnight post la. the moment when i saw you, i know you are not okay and yet you told me you are fine. i believe you, and want to believe that you are fine. i saw you fell down, wanted to get up but couldnt. your eyes are watery, tears are about to flow, i couldnt wiped it for you. you still tell me you are alright, just so i wont worried about you. i want to be the one that was there with you. somehow the distance in height and length was dragged. if we were having a date at some restraunt, and we placed our phones on the table. we might take home each other phone if we were muddle-head. IF. i had you where ever i go, i would look at your smiles and i will smile with you. besides smiling, i could only pray that you will be happy too. pray that you will be fine.
maybe i should join ping's "dan shen ju le bu" and alice say, get a wife that is the height of your shoulder would be best. shayna?
i still have lots of drawings to draw i am tired, but i have to be responsible. o lastly, finally saw hunt's girlfriend le la. so elegant la. he really mean, its far too different from picture, so belive him. really!
go and draw la! when ?

3:21 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

in general i just completed assignment 2, tomorrow afternoon before the submission time, i just have to wake up and touched up my work! i saw that alchee girl as i was rushing to school, cause i was a little late. during presentation day was a little awakard? thanks to the drilling thing. thursday was my last day of tut for block 1. okay that was the good news, the bad news was assignment 4 was given to us already, and its groupwork of 3.. but we only got 2, clement and i. we will have better ideas than them kay ! defintely !
recently i been eating junk food. i just now ate 4 packets of mee goreng again, a curry puff and the remaining packet of milk. i also bought chips, my mother say if i ate the whole bag is like drinking the whole bottle of oil. she just want me to left some for her la, but its scary face was kinda ruined for that i think ? and and saturday was my cousin wedding la. she married to a japanese guy kay and it held at sentosa? i thought of waht to dressed and ready to go. the wedding part is the good news. the bad news is, i THINK i had a crush with SHORT girls and TALL girls

i still love you.

3:46 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, May 05, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

its so late now.
i am halfway to complete my assignment.
presentation later , at 3pm.
i am hungry, i am tired.
i really missed you so much, that i couldnt describe.
i need you, but couldnt get you.
i have to moved on, and lead this single life that i'm having it all along.
get an organizer, joined floorball.
and lastly kick my classmates butt in terms of assignments.(i dun mean physically kicked)

i know i am talking rubbish.
i submitted an incomplete assignment 1
submit as what the question wanted, which is different from others
assignment 2, everything was on my mind and halfway presented.
assignment 3, not yet started but ideas were on my mind too.

i am the kind of people, that will see more than an average people on a street.
i am more careful, and detailed, but lazy in another extreme.
my mind could create lots of thoughts, but my laziness wont make me write them on those ppt slides.

if that pink sneakers would be real right before my eyes, i guessed i would see your lips on eye level. i would embrace the skinny you, with warmth and touched.
年龄不是问题... 身高不是距离... 体重不是压力...i hope so.
thanks so many people for like saying the jiayou thing, and sabrina for the motivation gift, and geokteng for the tough translation and qianhui for the psychology views and lastly wendy for creating a smile each day. tho i really dun understand,

3:11 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, May 03, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

i slammed the cut table, i throw those pizza's pan/s
i frown more than i smile
i was so tired.
why arent you there ?

12:49 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, May 02, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

labour day, i work like crazy la =/ i go there late, cause wanted to sleep went there, i only take a few table order..i went to serve things, then this retarded person, block my way make me drop 4 glass of drinks, cause me like not professional..when i can like tkae 12 glasses without a problem..
anyway, i did CSR at night, i seriously did a good job, at first i speak all the nice word to every customer at first. such as greeting, smile...i even said the approximate waiting time.. as i bring them in, i told them the soup of the day, the latest promotion and also wish them had a good dining experience...most of them required me to take their order, as they were mostly impatient..but i have to handle that super long Q -.- at first i jsut took their order, till duno when , i really cannot take it... i seriously set almost all the tables, clear some of the tables, just to get my customer to get seated...those malay idiots, so what if they got 3 ..i 1 person also no problem la...they dun make full use of themselves..they are like worst than anyone else... come so late, want go home early..and want to have breaks.. what rubbish ? in the end... they still count on the dot, 9 pm want to go...i was so angry i just throw the duno waht tray and say go la... =/
dun help jiu suan le, but keep blocking my speed is like reduce to duno waht, and like have to waste strength keep legs create blisters just because of this -.- i seriously want to cry la, but i didnt...i slam the toilet door, punch the boxes of stock till anyhow, break those linguine and the fusili pastas into crumble pieces.. throw the sanitizer bottle..thank goodness i didnt throw the plates, when i nearly wanted..its like so unreasonable la =/ friends dun ever come to eat pizza hut when i am working so crazy, i wont have time to entertain u..went bedok 85 with ping and alice..we ate lots of things, they even order beer for me, lol...i wasnt drunk =/ of course la..
my summary failed, and this might caused me trouble too.. may was after all not a good month for me ? where my long lost love.. you ? you were somebody elses already !
thanks irene..for like listen to my failed summary =/ wasted lots of her effort..i guessed?

3:24 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Thursday, May 01, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

shit week, dun need wait till sunday, i already know =/
the plan i wrote last week, was bowlshit..
monday, i was too tired to wake i only like do for awhile at school library.
then geokteng helped me at night...then i didnt sleep for the night, till tuesday morning i go to school EARLY to do...i didnt have enough time... and the tp so niao...say i use the computer have reach the limit quota -.- i am doing assignment, not play stupid games -.- thank goodness caiyun lent her mine..still couldnt finish went to design school printing room to print...they print shit things...can have missing pages, i was so not in the mood, so i just accused someone took it in my heart to make me calm.. so i go to the lecture room LATE.. submit whatever i have and he gave me assignment 2 -.- and after the tutorial he gave assignment 3 -.- i had 2nd half of star dan was so kanjiong -.- i nearly pissed la =/ took taxi, that ^@$%@# driver so no manners la, and keep stepping break =/ and he so noob, dun even know where is siglap pizza hut, i also duno where la...but i know somewhere around there...and he's the taxi driver lor -.- know your job i was not suppose to be there =/ but thank goodness the RGM tested me...actually i thought she gonna fail me..but thank goodness i had a wonderful service..-.- i still not yet eat since morning that day..went to store and eat a regular cl3 hawaiian..then start work, clear a few table go home -.- wednesday, today...go to stupid orchard road..i got datedue for deferment and phone bills.. i paid that $xxx phone bill -.- wha, heart pain..3 months due la -.- and i didnt make it in time to submit the deferment thing for like 1 hour -.- i have to go NS -.- if not they sue me ? cause i didnt defer !! was ^%@#^@#$@!$%$@ la
okay 30 april was anne's birthday celebrated at jurong point swensen..
back to orchard road -.- monday i have to like present assignment 2 -.- and agrr i so no mood kay !
wendy said it took courage to say i love you, but i think anybody could said that easily.. geokteng helped me with the ppt, and its rare for her to helped la..people is A level graduate okay =/ and shes only 1 year older than me.. and she said she will helped me if i needed.. vicki said if i have troubles can let her know..and she said, everyone is searching for their second half..some people had relationships while finding, and having the breaksup and attached...she said mine was least i didnt have to suffer like them..o and i thought i can like talk to wendy since, its like holiday the next day but she didnt online... okay my main point is , there are so many nice girls...none suits me =/ still got alot people can stand by me la...i'm so touched la...but do anyone know, i want to tear now ? nobody can help me with this... i simply cant wait any longer, no way !
tml labour day, working .... then think friday and satuday rush assignment liao la
then sunday work, cause have to ? then is like my week gone jsut like this...i not yet watch forbidden kingdom la =/ later surely no more....
and i also want to take singapore flyer u know? u duno -.-
oo i nearly forget aslieen was nice too, at least she'll be there for me too..
and i realise my last time de best friend, actaully backstabbed me long ago, and i like jsut know a few hours ago -.- i said last time, was becasue we walked towards different direction in life, and also he acutally said that =/ so any kind of people also got -.- i hope clement isint like this, and i know he surely not.. he's like the only person i communicate in class la? the rest ? i can even tell u those cliques 1,2,2,3,3,3(3,3,2)the rest ? some i can see the fakeness ? dun let me see rubbish people anymore.. o and my destiny was to wait wait wait and duno wait how long till i find another partner, another destiny was to do do do do , do all the assignment given way way before the dateline, cause my last minute attitudes killed me big time ! and another destiny for me, is to work work work work work, cause pizza hut got like nobody working for them, and i also become a star liao =/
i seriously no mood la this week, so the post will together go with the no mood side, with those ^@$%@$! attitude....
sometimes is no good , to know yourself so well, i know myself quite well... i know my weaknesses, i know some of my strengths but so ? no one notice them ? go bang wall la =/

4:21 AM

it continues to stain, why?.