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Thursday, August 31, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

morning went to school for teachers day celebration.. was normal..
receieve my report book..i dun have promising results, was disappointed. but was entirely my fault..anyways it over.. =/
mrs tan look cute with the clip on her hair..seriously she dun look like shes married with kids =x
i was looking forward to have a picture with her..but she carrying alot of stuffs as if shes leaving for some i missed the chance..
went back to primary school..suppose give teacher greetings..but end up go there talk to friends, see pretty girls =x but seriously i didnt know my primary school actually had so many ex-student which are pretty.
had celebration with the cousins..we had japanese cuisine and amusement arcade games..we defintely have fun.. laughters and sorrows filled the whole trip with emotions.. the sorrows are acting, but the laughters are real.. if everyday is going to be like this..i will be the world's happiest man =) once again, thanks to the cousins..and welcome =)

10:39 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


today may be some typical day for most people, but to me is my only 16th birthday and i am very looking forward to it.. those i expect to wish me, didnt but those who i didnt expect, did wish somehow it a pleasant surprise so i am somehow happy afterall..
receieve several messages, several greetings and only 1 present =x counted as nobody celebrates with me outings, no datings.. somemore it rains -.-
thanks to belinda yan for sending the first message.. and her group of friends for giving that least i have something birthday and it defintely gives me good memories and i really appreciate alot..because it the one and only 16th birthday present =D
thanks to the cousins too =D at the very last minute i found such hidden gift.. it gives good memories too i appreciate alot too.. thank you all, thank you very much
was planning to eat ice creams at swensen but..many people like so busy.. end up i skip lunch for nothing...
end up went dinner with long john -.- i wish i can eat more..after so many days of hunger... and could enjoy food...ya he is accompany me despite his full
was disappointed..this group of online friend i actually know..only 1 wish me? how pathetic... some probably forgotten ..
my friends in either they are not aware of it? or they didnt even speak to me or wish me..
nevermind happiness always will come to an end.. so be it..

11:08 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, August 27, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


a few hours ago, was celebrating belinda's birthday..was a little in the mess, and almost got everyone like not happy and that not what she wanted..but i guess everybody is happy..because got me =D so belinda dun worry anymore man...
miss the ghost game with them..because i am still 15 -.- ..anyways went for steamboat with them..dominic, jasnie and the rest was not there..miss them man..
the steamboat was...i have phobia with life prawn now..because they sure know how to jump?
my shirt had the smell of grilled prawn -.- it sure stinks.. but i guess the trip to marina bay is not wasted because the girls feed me prawns...ohmy dun jealous.. =X
went to belinda's house to lent fire..made red eggs for her la..-.- duno waht to give..and she also demand for her present..somemore..duno when will be the next time to see i have taht idea lor..somemore she eat liao sure feel wenxin suppose have this idea for someone elses..but somehow she dun want? so i guess forget about it..because i guess it not going to happen..
her sisters are funny. they ask i her boyfriend arr.. end up i have to lie for her..say i am attached..when i am not!! and also ask about who the prettiest among the 3 sisters.... i am speechless man...actually i have an answer on my mind..but it not good to just speak out like this..anyway all are pretty la..
it late and i am to sleep..hope to sleep well and have sweet dreams...

12:59 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Thursday, August 24, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


get back prelim results today and yesterday.. 3 failures, 2 passes and 1 unknown. even with my score less than 10 points, i still failed this prelim because i fail my english~ badly. duno what they want from my answer..i do it so nice for them..then the marks like shit. even my best subject chemistry, had a score of 38 and 66.5 for combined science was 3rd in class with hazwany. so? i might be the last one in other classes, when they can score combined science 91 or 90 marks -.- yaya~ afterall they come from the best* class..
although the past few months, i had intention of going to ITE because i dun have the confidence to sit for any paper..moreover my english is shit till i dun think i can make it for Os. but somehow this time i am going to come back, not because of anyone or any promises, but for my future which is coming in some years later. but somehow this prelim results is disappointing. i wont be suprise that i failed the coming N level. i really wonder waht should i do, if i fail.. another 4 years of ITE education, plus a cost of bomb for the fees -.- i guess even if i earn less than a thousand in future, nobody will cares. because there 2 friends i trusted most had left me..and.....
my eyes still in contact with ngee ann girl..she change her bag. she defintely...beautiful. i going to look at her.. like nobody cares, in fact nobody cares =D
i was eating grand food at my house, menu for the week =x
yesterday breakfast, bread with peach jam..
yesterday lunch, -
yesterday dinner was..maggiemee plus 15 quail eggs and 1 chicken egg...
today breakfast, rich with lemon chicken with curry gravy with potato.
today lunch -
today dinner was.. 6 plain buns and 1 big bowl of cereal..

6:52 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before, my listening comprehension starts at i thought dun have to go for morning assembly. but most of the people come at 730 for morning assembly, and i went to coffeeshop to eat carrot cake -.- if i know that i have to go for morning assembly of course i would want, so that early in the morning i get to see taht ngee ann girl =P
that paper was rubbish, i wont mind if i get low marks.. the story somehow make me a little unhappy. hanchuan told me my chemistry paper was 38 marks...what the.. when i have confidence in getting 48 marks.. and 38 was highest in my class -.- so? still far from the best* class -.- waht the... so what if they get 90 plus for combined science..arghh...fuck the world..
i wont get distinction for combined science for sure..not just because ms ho mark so strict, heard from people la..but i somehow offended taht physics teacher..he may mark my paper stricly too. somemore i dun do well for that physics paper, so its hardly to get distinction..
went to sleep, straight after i reach home.. i was tired, not been sleeping well recently. i even had backaches and i think i sprain my neck..the vein was pain?
went to library to borrow books, i am good boy okays..=D
my dinner was bread -.- i am so broke that i have to eat bread now..just pray they will return me my money asap
tomorrow will be getting all the prelims marks i think, wish me luck man/s

6:39 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, August 21, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

yesterday watched "the break up" and today watched "the lake house" thanks to the companies, i enjoyed the movie very much. it defintely touching and it defintely worth watching. today morning i didnt saw the ngee ann girl, but i saw her twice today before and after my movie at the interchange .. is that somehow fate? she defintely beautiful and shes defintely cute, somehow i dun think i can forget her face, her smile and her beautiful eyes.
relationships defintely troubles people mind, heart and the soul. i am one of the victim. i stressed over things which not suppose to? or rather they are not aware of the situation? feelings come within a second or by just one glance but commitment require a lifetime of hardwork.
i really dun understand why people can forget their past..memories with that person they just broken off so easily, as if things has never happened before. i wont want to forget those wonderful memories but to some extend how i wish i would be like them forgetting so easily and live a carefree life.
just because by one mistake or accident, all the hardwork that before has gone to waste?
people say the next relationship would be better then the one before. somehow if it happens i would agree to it.
i see hongster live life like so carefree, they had so many girls around them..they pick and choose them easily just like cartons of milk in the supermarket..with all the expiry dates.... if at least i had a partner, just one partner that can spend happiness and unhappiness together, i guess i am contended enough?
love me for a reason and let the reason be love.

10:06 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, August 19, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

recently i been doing alot of exercise with my legs... yesterday went to bugis and raffles city with belinda, jasnie, yokejin and xinyi. they sure do alot of walkings too..u cant blame girls, they love shopping. girls dun wear high heels if u all decide to do intensive shopping. ya at first know all her guy friends, now the girls..all are bunch of jokers..
they took neoprints and even want to drag me along..end up they tired =x lucky got jasnie's companies..if not i probably bored.. makeups defintely dun suit belinda..
what the..just know belinda only and her birthday coming soon -.- jasnie somehow fillial to the family members, she bought presents for the mother and brother..why not buy for me when mine is coming =x after all the shoppings i go find zijing..he sure is depressed, can see while he drinks. hope his alright..i am tired when i get home..
today afternoon was i decide to do jogging in the was cool man..although i am not the runner which have large amount of stamina before plus never eat breakfast then run.
came home watch tv with sleepy eyes and had good sleep.
relationships comes and goes..i had a friend just broke up with his girlfriend on national day -.-, also both of my friends are together..they sure are sweet..hope they can understand each other more..and also i had a friend stress with all his girlfriendsss, his greedy so u cant blame him.. and about me? i dun even dare to dream already..too much happenings lately
if we cant get together, there another better way out as friends..but if such simple request cannot be i a failure? somehow i wont wish that a good friend of mine will gone for good, would be you.. cause you are a piece of jigsaw puzzle in my life..other friends included too. i want a perfect picture with all your faces..
thanks boonkhin for the song =D

9:44 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, August 18, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

yesterday night went dinning with junyi...he is so smart that he tell the person take away..when we were sitting down at the coffee shop and suppose to consume there -.-
end up had to go RC with him, sit there eat high class food -.-.. too long never eat western, thought can enjoy..but i had to use plastic knife and fork..and he say the light is dim and it romantic -.- after eating western we ate eastern food.. prawn mee...ohmy..i eat until like bloated -.- all thanks to him..i accompany him making me spend so much..i guess i broke soon work = no money..
today maths paper was easy..i think...but i only did 10 marks of the paper for 30 mins and slept for the remaining paper.. because i didnt pay attention during class..but if i did i have confidence in scoring 30marks or more..nevermind no point regret now..
suppose going out with anne and belinda? but i was somehow not inform..but going out with yokejin and her friends..hope i dun spend too much for the trip..
prelims are ending soon..but soon after N levels come..hope i am well prepared for it..cause somehow i wont want to disappoint those who gave me hope, and i wont disappoint them.. thanks for everything. i going to do something for my coming future..

11:52 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


today chemistry paper was somehow easy =X i got confidence to score 48 marks.. luckily i read up organic chemistry..before the paper..i know nothing about it because i slack all my way through. end up must go home early -.- was bored !!
wednesday maths and geography was rubbish.. maths i only do 40 marks of the paper..because some question i unable to do it..some need waht ruler waht compass i only bring pen go in -.-
geography worst..i finish paper liao..mdm yew walk around keep say clues -.- but i ignore...cause i am tired..after all the intensive work on maths paper 1..its tiring..
tuesday was more tired..i sleep until my chinese paper 2, comprehension 3 question never do..physics..i completed but..i know nothing about it too..slack too much of my way already..
tuesday also watch movie..somemore at j8..that idiot so late i enjoy drinking i know i was late =x end up watch pirates..
tomorrow only got maths paper 2 ..and had to go home straight after the dumb la..come school like for 1hour plus..then go home..shake leg -.- i have a strong intention of not coming also..teachers and friends say paper 2 is hard..somemore i know nothing about maths..what worst calculator -.- how to use? with all the sine, cosine or....
can i dun go? of course cannot la..disciplinary action -.-

5:40 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, August 14, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

well lets start from the beginning of the day.. the ignorance of mutiple message by my friend, left me..i guess so? things defintely goes wrong..but i just duno why.
i was worry about it, and couldnt sleep well..wake up with backaches. and not having water last lips are dry..and i missed the taste of water..when i tasted 1 cup of it..i feel nice..

today school starts with ..the first person to come first sit at the back of parade square.. i came first..without my reading materials -.- so mdm shamilah ask me stand..but i have my reasons why i dun have..exams u bring what shit? end up i dun argue with her i stand -.- lucky not at the middle if not somehow the centre of attraction... later mr ow say those who sit behind the yellow line move to the front for today.. i was in the yellow line and mdm shamilah ask me to stand in front -.- purposely find fault with me? i was talking about the devil..but now the after the national athem and the pledge..zhen lao shi ask me..why i stand up just now..then i told her i forget bring book..then she say oh..then next time remember to bring shes cute right? thanks for your concern zhen lao shi..
starting of the exams i start dreaming again..halfway through i decide to create i started to write..not yet finished 1 compo my pen no ink -.- doom..i was thinking of handing in white paper..but i afraid my i ask for a pen..ohmy..that another pen was worst..the ink like faulty..sometimes cannot even write out anything -.- what the...maybe it my fate..but end up completed paper 1 and 2.

a friend just left me? the coldness is defintely terrible..moreover i am suffering with no water..suffer as u, so taht i will be gaining my trust to you? and also to make u take care of yourself. suppose to drink like siao today..but end up trying to solve the problem its maybe i had it tomorrow. those wonderful memories... the "endless" conversation we had at the computer and over the phone..the motivation and encouragement u gave me...datings defintely counts..going to coffeeshop eating carrot cakes and cheekueh.. the plasticine on the globe.. the bean pancakes, chemistry notes and lessons =x octopus.. cards..letters..we are family and all the teasings, jokings, laughing, smiling, scoldings, talking and never the less act-cute-ing..if it not u, it wont happened..
promises made.. to graduate together? cousin's birthday? exams, studies? the datings? and the chicken rice? future perfect family? kids? happiness? somehow i am a little disappointed
i even planned those datings which suppose to happen...end up it didnt.. the watching of lake house..ohmy.. watched sunset, stars, didnt happen that time but if u left me, it will never going to be happened..
somehow tears flows? thats human feelings man...



6:13 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, August 11, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

not suppose feeling good actually, because preliminary exams starts today. was kinda worry the future which coming to me..
mrs tan said: all the best to me..kinda glad, but afraid i may disappoint her.
the class next door is defintely noisy, and can u imagine secondary 4 still want to choose your sit? i thought it according to register number? if u dislike it then dun take the exam.
chinese paper 1. all the question was kinda tough.but manage to completed
social studies, actually i dun even have any idea of waht to write..while dreaming..something came to my thought. i realise somehow i shouldnt let those peoples who care about me and wish me luck, felt disappointed and those who dun even care just shut your mouth and dun comment.
after the paper completes. many people have smile on their faces, nevermind about that. i didnt revise so dun expect good grades.
went home by bus. the bus driver defintely make my head dizzy plus headache. he kept stepping the brakes hard and when it moving the wheels seems to be like flying off, luckily didnt vomit.
hope my worries for you end soon..

1:58 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


disappointment starts early morning yesterday and today.. all datings was cancel due to......
i duno what excuess they have or what they really busy with..but i am understanding =D

i really wish i am so innocent like a kid..because ignorance is bliss. but i dun seem to mastered taht. maybe because i am the kind of show care and concern to people de guy.. if u are my friend please bear with it..if u cant the fuck off? erms i dun wish taht to happen to, but if it must happen in some point of extend..then so be it..

i keep worry for some unnesscary stuffs..hope things wont turn out the way i think..
the only thing that can work me out today was this conversation with vicki..i think she wake me up to some extend..anyways shes great..erms..but the conversation with her..if the girls in the whole world heard it..they would defintely hate me..she still can talk to me with a smile..hopes she alright too..

maybe all the datings cancel during this public holiday was maybe fate..asking me to really open my book..but i dun even have the mood to really study..think i gonna fail my up coming exams..although that card gave me some motivation..but i some kinda lost all my confidence..

12:07 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, August 05, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

the sky is filled with clouds, no stars no moon.. it seems like darkness is awaiting me.
went i left home. it started raining. well actually i dislike rain. but i walk in the rain just now. it reminds me that if i cry while walking in the rain, nobody will know that i am crying.
i only return book never borrow book, cause the library is closing..intend to rent pirates of the caribbean part 1 but require IC and i forget to bring..fate make me dun see..anyways i want to watch part 2. pirates are cool
went to eat dinner alone -.- reach home kinda late. bath cold water, afterwards i finish another tub of haagen dazs strawberry ice cream. i love the taste of the strawberry. it sweet when it reach your lips and when u bite it the taste of sour reach your taste buds.. although it cold physically, but i think if i recieve your coldness mentally. i rather i suffer physically, cause i wont want u to kinda ignore me? i want u know my exsistance.
please be more realistic engsing, even though you find your perfect future wife, she may not find her prince charming.. and with your qualification/s now what can u do in the future.. u might make her suffer for u. moreover now no longer exsists true love or forever love? or maybe fornever love...

11:12 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, August 04, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

ngee ann girl=X most of the time i get to see her at an angle of 45 degree? from top =X
she look pretty almost all the angle i think..
white definitely dun suit mrs tan -.- but anyways she still look pretty despite her age =X
today i didnt sleep okays, cause i am a good boy =X and i did swee swee for my chinese test but duno can score high? suppose today dnt final submission, but teacher postpone monday =D
suppose to have dating after school? but octopus break promise? i thought it would be some pleasant surprise but it turn out nothing..well being pissed also being worried..mutiple irritating phone calls..she didnt pick up.. could something happen? pray nothing happened.. please give me a call asap, i really miss you
pray also u wont forget 8th august de date..

5:03 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

-.- i ruined all my exams...
social studies i scored zero twice.. first time blank so it alright, but second time i did try and do and i still get zero.. what does this prove? even u try u may not strive? so waht for trying?
chemistry paper..although it was one of my best subject..but i totally flunked this chemistry is sure hard to understand..compared to bondings and others
english, everything dun go well..i even tried reading books okays -.-
maths, surely u require the basic foundation. just like u need a base to build a pyramid..just like those ancient egyptians.
dnt i totally stressed out..just by doing my artefact and folio..i had turn out to become a full time student -.- wake up at 5 plus reach home at 7 plus -.-
the rest? just pray nothing will happen...i think i just no more other comments after commenting the above subject s

as usual saw taht ngee ann girl almost all the morning, but today was exceptional i saw it after school.. the way she talk is kinda act cute..but i think it natural so is cute..LOL i think so

tomorrow was a day off...due to polling i thought i can have a good rest or a memoriable date..i had to go school at morning..hopes i end early and i can go for date?

although i wish to graduate with you, and i am sure you also want. but i dun think i can make it..there not enough time for me..although i want to work hard..cause i dun want to be someone useless to you...i want to have more value...if not i cant even compared with you..

although you wrote something very warmed with a question mark.. taht question mark shows you have not made a decision, and you are indecisive to make a choice.. i think i should go back to what i suppose to be, leaving you should be the best solution? it can prevent you stop thinking and can go back to your loved one, but you once told me, you dun anymore.. but i think that was just an answer for me..

4:32 PM

it continues to stain, why?.