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Monday, April 28, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

super tired week i had...
sunday 20 apr: watched defintely maybe
good show, touched by the romance and the kid
maybe watching again with qh..
monday 21 apr: 1st day of poly life..
cool, got chio bu in my tutorial class
but all like got class one..
at night, work..cut station.
tuesday 22 apr: 2nd day of school
got 1st assignment, dateline 29apr
teach chemistry at night..
dinner at mac with irene

and i pass my star test

wednesday 23 apr: 3rd day of school
communicate with chio bu/s
they thank me, but still think impossible -.-
then go buy cake at katong mall..
coicidentally, bought the same cake as sabrina's sis
awfully chocolate 1/2kg rum and cherry ..
ate crabs..
thursday 24 apr: 4th day of school
happy birthday sabrina..celebrated with her..
late for lunch..
thinking how to do for that assignment
and work at night, aux 2
friday 25 apr : 5th day of school
stay back at library after tut to do powerpoint
i start like shit
and went home, ate 4 packets of mee goreng and 1 big pack of ruffles
no way...shock + sad

saturday 26 apr : work from 12pm - 11+pm
work bar during the day
and CSR at night..saw caiyun..
it was tough to handle the Q..
chat with wendy =D

sunday 27 apr : work from 12pm - 11pm
work bar during the day
and service at night.. saw cheryl !
i am still figure how am i suppose to submit my assignment
and yixia, i posted..=D
shayna was 14x in height

monday 28 apr: i think i going to like rush my assignment alone in the library
9 plus wake up...till 3 go tut, then after tut continue till 9pm
tuesday 29 apr: submission dateline...
afterwards complete star course
then i pass, i officially star le =D
wednesday 30 apr: anne's birthday
going orchard road for survey?
as in class at orchard road -.-
thursday 1 may: labour day
maybe working, double pay
friday 2 may: maybe teach cayln ?
see how la...

i think the only thing can keep me moving forward
was wendy? tho our only communication was msn once a week!
and she will tsk, when i dun come online..
and lastly, i gave up on the deposit..
tho nobody really like an wei me....
but i am sure alot people are behind me, supporting me
it took alot of courage to give up, more than wendy's....
erms, so at least i wont turn into a junk person
i have my own principles still
goodnight, goodday =D

12:48 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, April 19, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

long day, long week... this week was shiok, busy, tired, excited, enthu, brave and alot la.
monday: ordertaker course, so interested with this bunch of people from kovan hougang pizza hut..pretty girls !
tuesday: design school's orientation first day, was lengthy, almost bored to death. know a few people, was called nice guy. i was humble kay. so ya, just because i helped u from getting called to join the games..i am honoured to do so. i wanted to dance with you..but at least the whole song, we dance 1/3 of it. its better than nothing.
wednesday: orientation second day. this time round was being called jay chou at canteen -.- denied processed. i want to do alot of things la, get your number, your birthday, your address, your life? no way..seperated by the preparation of perfomance night.. i missed sentosa trip just to attend second half of ordertaker workshop.. hougang kovan: chuan hui, kris, lynette, anderson, yik hao. a few pros from jurong point, i am the only one.. we talked.. acted and play..i was the last to present, and i think the best among the rest.. so chuan hui was attached la.
thursday: orientation third day and 1 night past..too bad, couldnt have games with you..jaychou kept continue..and i had to do this last minute cheer for otto..i made it, but a little nervous on stage..wanted to sit with you wanted to walk with you..saw irene la, was shocking ! who was that person that ahem me?!?! irene la, still got who =x performance night, otto won..then nightwalk, i tell you i was so scared that i dun even want to play.! out of the 6 stories only explore 1, and go so cold. shivering
friday: 4th day 2 nights ended today at 7+++ missed to walk with you at nightwalk, also wanted to have breakfast beside you..too bad, everything changed when the moment we talked in the bunk. star workshop...
ordertaker more fun..cause got chuan hui and kris. camp orientation was shiok..cause got caiyun and tingting..
this partuclar girl...ate at 503 before..and i took the order, i kept looking at her..too attractive le la, she stare me too..when i look at i saw her over at the camp..duno her name, but some alchee girl. =D
saturday: might be working...but i am so super tired...i go sleep first, talking to camilia..and also irene is the strongeest female tomorrow !
next week school open, no more rest.
i am still waiting for your reply..
this world is so small la...ting was actually the pianonist and the lead singer... when her bandmates were my friend/s
cannot tahan liao...goodnight,

1:07 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, April 12, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

in a relationship,
there's no RIGHT or wrong,
what matter most is who LEFT.

so true la, copied from wendy's blog.. and you left..
on the 11, i worked full at bar, i skip my break, and even do closing !
lots of special drinks, plus complicated desserts.... i even break "n" numbers of glass, flood the bar area, and even cut my own fingers.. =/ the Q was forever not decreasing but speed was still the same, and orders keep coming in like bullets..even the managers help me clean up my mess, that was created by me, so ps la =/
on the 10, hunt say 3 stories, so its story time..
1st story : its about this old monk, and this young monk... so the young monk was still young, he dun see the outside world the old monk bring the young monk out of the temple... so as they are about to cross this particular river, there's a lady.. so the old monk asked the lady, are you crossing the river, do you need me to carry you over? so the lady said yes, and so the old monk carried that lady to cross the river.. so this young monk was so confused and curious, he wanted to ask this old monk, why, why carry a lady when we monk are not supposed to do that... but he was afraid.. so he didnt, and after they walked about 20 km after the river, the young monk cannot take it, and asked the old monk, why he do that.. so the old monk told the young monk, i have already let it go already, why are you still carrying it to yourself after 20km of walk?
2nd story : its about this group of frogs.. this group of frogs are lazy.. and they live in the one day, all of them decided to get out of the well and climb this particular hill..but as they go higher and higher, the sun was scorching, some was already exhausted and decided to depart.. as they departed, all of them saw this particular frog..although its speed was not as fast as them, however that frog managed to reached the peak.. all of them was amazed, but actually that frog was deaf, he couldnt here the remaining frogs that are complaining and crusing and swearing about the heat from the he made it..
3rd story : friends are like porcupine..porcupines gathered during the winter, to keep themselves warm, however when they are too near the caused damage..its the same as friends, its good to have friends around, they care they love they are like together..however if you know this friend too well, you tend to drift apart... just like the needles from those porcupines.. they are sharp..
the moral of the story make so sense la..actually got 1 more about the king and this old lady, but i kinda forgotten... i will post when i remembered..
about the deposit, i intend to give up, and live a proper life...although without you, i still have ping and the rest to count on.. but i have already decided ! i will defintely lead a better life then them, and sorry if i could actually give u happiness with that amount of money, but i believe i will create happiness without that sum of money..
11 apr, datedue for peishi and songqin... i know its tough, all the best ! know that i'll be dinner la.. =)
12 apr, ms soh birthday.. =)
what else? oh, ping treat me macdonals, so ps la... she like come here work, work long hours lesser pay then us...she still treat me..she taught me super much la..shes my sister, my friend, my teacher.. i doubt i will forget her in life.. =)
wendy too =) irene also la =) goodnight

12:24 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

happy birthday shuangyun..
i doubt i got the time to celebrate with him, or rather i was not invited? the promise to the zoo, was so not promising.
design school's orientation is a hassle, 4 days 2 night.. is not like a trip to japan kay.. if so, 6 days 5 night i also dun mind..this particular designer was so think only you are busy? look carefully who you are talking to..-.- i dare to say you are a disgrace, although many months before i was one too.
most of my old friends has already departed from my world, but many came to visit too, i am pleased. just like yesterday, near midnight.. my ex workmates were friends of one of my current collegues de daughter.. and we met, again. both agree it was a nice coincidence..her words do make sense too, but i guessed she's another girl who been thru alot, i hope i'll be a support in her life =)
going to visit a decreased schoolmate later, at the age of 15 she left..
another of my primary schoolmate, or rather getting married this may, at the age of 18 she put on her wedding gown already, to be exact 17
caught the leap years last night, thanks for the 2 dollars discount..although its like after so many days, almost 2 months i watched leap years. i think the feeling was different, however was still touched by the patience.
i was so confused with all the real things happened/happening around, i was alone, i was lonely, to be exact i was scared..i know you could find me a way out, but i fear of the rejection. i guessed this is the effect/s of being a perfectionist.
ping advised me not to kept looking at pretty girls out there, if not i might not get married when i aged, hahs, i hope not, i still have a dream to fulfilled. she added, i was more suitable to work outside, cause i could carry plates -.- monday was busy due to the shortage of staffs, so i worked kinda double? or almost past triple..anyway i still enjoy working inside..tho outside got pretty girls. that day you're the most prettiest..
i want to watch lots of movie la, defintely,maybe , made of honour, midnight eagle, the forbidden kingdom, and maybe what happens in vegas.. hope someone would agree to watch with me some of the above, i think i am running late for the visiting..
goodday =)

1:26 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, April 06, 2008
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


Baby,sharpen up your call.
Your insecure eyes and the cliche phrases.
I'm not satisfied with their imitations.
Spark! So get tired of it.
Again we borrow the lion's threat to push through
I will win without a doubt. Fight!

Mark here, that's gonna be the best fight!
In da house there is some strange guy!
Crackpot, see my cutter go shatter!
Try to survive, can't fight em down!

I have lost the sun. So i will find the moon.
We even lost sight of things we've seen before
In the depth of the ocean full of memories it continues to stain, why?
Even the things we promised each other are as if it was never said.
the next master spark

Never alone!
Don't wanna go out again!
To the heart's instrument!
Never alone!
Don't wanna go out again!
I want you to hear
Never alone!
Don't wanna go out again!
To the heart's instrument!
Never alone!
Shining point!

i really want to see you la. at least you could see that my scar are healing.. and not how i look like from afar. work at 4, change oil after closing at 12.. i cant even see you to sleep, you've got school tomorrow. all the best then.

2:19 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

d gray man 4th opening go see lyrics if free, doushite?
april fool, was being fooled three times, and i fooled someone..hahas evil.
today was shocking.. i saw you, you saw me..but i didnt get hold of the time..hide in the kitchen and when i decided to go out, i was being drag to run dough ! and so i quickly run them, and to my rushing i cut myself while cutting the dough, lucky that was not a knife! ping always have interesting things to say, so she talked about marriage is like taking a bus trip. if you were on a single trip, and you spot a attractive site, get down... but if u neglect, then u will reach the interchange, and nothing beautiful. so when that was the right stop, alight. so i told this to someone online, guess waht i was known.. haha. so many people supporting me la, i am so touched ! really !
o, lastly thank qh for the skin and the everything, although it was not fully done, sorry to take up so much of your time..once again thank you.

1:20 AM

it continues to stain, why?.