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Sunday, July 30, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

went to causeway lunch had korean cuisine
loves kimchi, korean curry...they look yummy and taste delicious..
i dreaming marrying a korean lady -.- dream too much..
bought a watch cost $12 with a discount so purchase at $10.80 love the design..but look a little like woman wears..but that seller say unisex so i buy
saw peoples at tampines concident?
anyways gave octopus-lover something.. and she like it =D
will think of better ideas? actually my mood = mood-swing..cause awhile happy awhile sad? and even going brust to tears? maybe not..
next week is going to be busy..i think so?
friday update..forget to say i love mrs tan outfit=X

1:05 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, July 28, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

exams exams .. i ruined everything.
i dun get to see ngee ann girl face..but always her back for a few seconds from an angle -.-
she still look beautiful..anyways was struggling to survive now..
heard that someone intend to give you soft toy sort of like first time meeting de present -.-
well i duno why i still worry? anyways i can even jealous for a 11 years old kid..
human cant live without feelings u know.. it been a long time since we talk or even had eye contact? i had this feeling of worst than a friendship -.-
thanks to the cousins again..they help me filled the globe with colours...will they filled my life with colours?
ya as usual..the joking, the laming, the laughing all was done under one roof..
went eating with and chips and bbq wings with waterchestnut drink is cool..he suppose to treat me wing, in the end not enough cash -.- nevermind i am understanding..
past few days was reading those funny love questions..when i answer those question my mind had you..if you were the one reading..will your mind full of me?

10:47 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, July 24, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today is shit..i missed 28 early in the morning, equal dun get to see ngee ann when to interchange to take 67..then that dumb bus driver..he keep stepping the brakes, causing me dizzy.. he driving a bus not an old car
school is more shit.. get into trouble early in the morning... due to the behavior or attitude or commitment in class.. do survey for the moe, most of my answer are like disagree or strongly disagree and a few agree and even lesser agree..u should get what i overall school has never been better..
maths lessons is totally shit.. i done something i not suppose to..but i just cant control my tears..if i can i wouldnt have to do is infront of mrs tan -.- and i make it twice.. she somemore say just cry, dun keep everything to your heart..vent your frustration out..and she say i believe u can that why i helping u ..-.- and all her craps
oral was shit too..i was kinda moodless i wanting to vomit and i dun even have appetite to eat lunch..and when i read and say my views..i stumbled i trembled
had to see mr ow la..even after oral.. he asked me to write about why do u think your name is called out from the my reflection mah..then i write for him..he say 10 years of education u write this..i had headaches, and u expect me to think and write perfect english for u?
i request for suspension from class..cause now i need time to do all my work and stuffs..he say he will talk to the principal and the the time u gave me a exams may over..and by the time i dun need it he asked me to see him tomorrow again -.-
how much time u want to take from me? i dun have much time anymore.. school starts from 6 and end at 6 meh? 12 hours i will tired and die soon okays -.-

tomorrow must be a better day..

6:01 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, July 23, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today was my last day of work.. i eaten cereal even i have sore throat..anyways someone said my voice change due to that ..
had free buns..a gift of love from the cousins..anyways they sure are kind..i own them alot man =x all the jokings, teasings, playing and all those things that happen and i didnt mention all happened under the void deck..
starting next week is going to be busy.. oral, remedials, dnt project, prelims and wonder what will happen..

We Are Family
Thou shall not kill
Love, peace and harmony
Make love not war
Pro-creation is the way of life
Live life like a rainbow
Your enemies are your buddies
Anti prevaricate
To err is human

11:57 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, July 21, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

life has never been better..

without ngee ann girl sure without mood. worst still my sickness not yet totally recover, kinda suffering till now..i still suffered.

my dnt project was craps and in mess..dateline is 28 july, prelims coming too..worst still N levels
my chinese oral is 24 july, i still having serious sore throat

i always thought the things i good at, i would be off great i once helped her chemistry and helped him dnt..which suppose to be my best subject during secondary 3
but i screwed everything up, end up making her kinda not prepared for chemistry mid year exam and causing him scolded by teacher and discrimiate those works done by him and a little of my ideas..

maths teacher called my mother..saying i can do maths..but just no hope..well i guess i dun have to repeat why i said i cant..i know i didnt try ..but the fact is that i cant..if i would have success i would have done it earlier..and not now -.-

watching drama awhile ago.. love at zero degree..i know why it had that title as the show..because it true love is selfish.. love can cause all the trouble, and ruined everything..
yixin ignore that weixiang just because her friend xiaoling, plus the parents make a fool of them..and also the misunderstanding they had..cause the ignorance..i dun like this type of ending..they suppose to meet at a date..but end sad can it be..

when i heard that song being played by you.. it really remind me about..what i learn from taht song which is loving u and not loving u is cannot be pretence..but so..a simple communcation "hi" i didnt hear it neither i say it.. well it really make me think it more impossible to be together..let alone relationships, there even have problems with friendship..

my friend had a problem with relationship..he has the same thinking as me, thinking cannot make it for N and so..he dun wish to make his girlfriend for me i dun want it too.. but i believe love can make 1 sacrifices but..he said something to make me awake and i agree too..who willing to he willing to see the girl that he love leave him..and married another guy -.- which i cant take it ..and i wont want to see it..and i cant imagine that picture if such thing happens seriously i wont want that to i selfish? say me selfish for all you want..but..
well it either i end up being begger or being some useless person earning 1000 or less each month..and may cost my future wife and kids to suffer with me..provided i have..but if i dun..i will be living alone in this lonely world -.-

10:33 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

i finished the big tub of haagen-dazs vanilla ice-cream, it weigh 392g
sick still eat =X lalalas~

10:49 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,


9:49 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, July 17, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

unhappines starts first thing early in the morning..i didnt see ngee ann girl =(
mrs tan and ms ho seems to have mood swings..mrs tan keep raising her voice and dun seems to be friendly, and no smile on the face..
ms ho was alright at first..but we suppose to finish school at 1140 but she said those who are involve included only, end up kinda she throw her marker and she hit my table -.- worst still she intend not to let use off..untill she saw other NA classes..
i am very sick in school -.- my nose keep blocking and i keep disgusting u can imagine i used tissue paper and seems to be like useless?
tomorrow dun feel like going.. cause had to suffer.. PE lessons, dnt after school and english remedial lessons after busy i am can u actually think..i will exhausted?
but i want to go ..cause i miss you and i miss that ngee ann girl =D

4:12 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, July 16, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

suppose nothing to blog about..but late afternoon went cutting hair.. that lady cut for me and she label me as didi -.- maybe she old, but nevermind..
so went to work as usual.. ohmy i was sick -.- went i wake up till even now.. i keep sneezing was actually thinking is someone missing me? then my throat is like so pain la..i think serious sore throat bah..and now i have serious headache -.-
i saw 1 of the campus superstar finialist in bus 403 while i took it to work..gao mei gui..she keep looking at me =X
anyways i not working anymore after next week..because chinese seven month my prelims too and of course N level.. kinda happy and sad..happy because i can dun need face anymore unreasonable customers and can date people without being busy..but sad because no i going to miss those aunties and captains..
tomorrow got school..ngee ann girl =X

"kuku where can dun have bird" quote by someone =X

11:56 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, July 15, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

suppose eating with jasmine and aslieen..then halfway through the dating xinyi and her friend duno what name...end up aslieen duno go where, tapped my shoulder and say byes..that was so friendly=x
anyways so go eating..later jasmine and the friend left me and xinyi..i bought the icecream from the japanese food fair..vanilla and milk flavour..2 servings cost 5 dollars anyways it worth it..i would like to have more..but money is a went library..i borrowed 1 book see i am a good boy..anyways have to go work..pray that my leg wont breakdown..after wasting time with them..-.-

4:47 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, July 14, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

how unlucky can i be -.- went to take bus to go to was early and the bus came..i stand out from the busstop the bus just drove pass me -.- do u know that you have to wait 20- 30 minutes for the next bus, and by the time i would be i sprint to the next bus stop, but my speed was too slow compared to a bus..
walk in to pasirris park -.- at this moment..the road seems to be like endless..i walk all the way end up duno where am i -.- i thought i was like lost somewhere all i see is all the big big houses
in the end i found myself at the end of the pasirris park when fisherman village is at the middle..i was end up late for 15 minutes -.- my friends saw me stunned when the bus drove past and they laugh at me -.-
anyways chinese seven month coming..i fear ghost..and i heard taht they say ghost or spirits came from the sea..and fisherman village -.- is near the sea.. very near. was thinking of quitting before it comes, but they seems to need helpers, moreover they are always busy..example today now my legs are weaker, it seems like every step i take my legs are sinking..
i need opinionss ..
took taxi home..cause i think i miss the 403 way home..but i was on time again..anyways i ask the driver to keep the change..anyways it only 10 cents..not being rich but being kind =) they have a hard job, u know =X
tomorrow must be a better day

11:13 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today dun seems to be better -.-
saw that ngee ann girl as usual.. her face was like so stinks, wonder who offended her...
dnt..went to fix scroll saw cause i want to use end up sweat till the whole shirt is soak and still not fixed -.-
chinese teacher had slight headache i have headache -.-
anyways my social studies test will be zero cause i write nothing and hand in the paper -.-
worst maths..although mrs tan outfit was nice and she was kinda happy at first..just because i didnt do her work..she pissed, not that only..she said copy her answer on the board = trying..i copy got use? i am depending your answer leh -.- how would i score during exam when i dun see the end she said if monday continues like this she going to call my father..that is waht she say la -.-
stayed back to do dnt, teacher say must done by tomorrow..well that instructor no free and he told me monday -.- so i should slack..
i did not sleep.. no enough going work -.-
even the tagboard got people ask me go and die -.-
how bad can my day be..

4:55 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Thursday, July 13, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today was sure a bad day..things sure dun turn out good..well sometimes being caring can also harm people..or should i say my kindness dun pay off?
anyways someone suffering of something -.- i guess was really suffering in pain...if not the f*** word would not come out from your conversation..anyways..find solutions, there are many thing which are not suppose to do..example drink cold fried food..and...i think i forget but information sure get to the person who need this..although it normal said by someone..but watching people suffering and i cant do anything is kinda i do something at least to help, moreover i am not a i seek for the end, she choose to suffer herself not going to school -.-
i feel guilty obviously..the consequences is that will end up in hospital, well i dun wish visiting u at the hospital carrying a bouquet of flowers and a basket of fruits, anyways doubt u will let me know even if u really at hospital...
recover soon the 2 of u.. and take good care =)
best wishes from me..

6:38 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today morning was shit..i think i was being impolite? saw that ngee ann girl as usual..she did see me for awhile but not long..anyways she beautiful and really beautiful..and when going up to bus..she stand behind me..but i suppose to let her in first? something like lady first =X but i didnt..cause was to shy to like let her walk in first..but like so bold to just walk in like this -.-

1st lesson.. chinese was practising oral..ohmy with classmates....-.- was hard to read out..and those words are kinda hard..and they didnt even pay attention, while i dun want your attention too but at least let me read it peacefully so i wont be so worried for just a passage..was stressed la..headaches too
later english was going through comprehension was telling teachers almost all the answer she just keep saying u dun understand the passage...and also english is so damn difficult to score perfectly..and it really hard to satisfy everybody in any situation.. was into english remedial lessons -.-

physics was more even spoilt my mood.. taht teacher, expected la..
1st his late and he gave excuess
2nd he trying to be like so kind..but actually his not
3rd he is so fake -.-
4th...the list can go on..but i think it enough..
he said eh dun sleep leh...or dun talk..i duno what he say to me..i did nothing wrong lor..i rather fail physics..cause i had a strong feeling i wont do well for prelim as well as N levels..not the lack of confidence.. but i think i wont be able to make it?

social studies..was even more slack..-.- no comments..
went for that champion course last 2 periods..although i hate it alot..i force myself to at least sit down there anyways was talking to zijing throughout the talk..anyways i cant be bothered waht that guy was talking about, i more intrested about zijing recently life..we have not been contact or go out for long..ever since his attached..well attached seems to be good cause is like u are happy with someone..but he has his problem well as jierui, enliang and others? i had not been going out for long..i wonder how is their life recently when compare to before is different..

was on bus, so there this couple they touch here touch there -.- is like not yet married? or should i say is he the right on or is she the right one..anyways was obsence =X
as bus travel..i saw this couple and 1 this guy was talking to this girl while holding hands with his girlfriend..but while talking to that girl..they getting closer and that girlfriend was like being left out? but still holding hands -.-

passing this N level is a must, but the chances or passing is low.. many people want me to go to sec 5 example..teachers? classmates like salihah, hazwany. friends like zoelyn, boonkhin? and other i guess...but there some look down on me -.- well i know my attitude shows but dun critisize me till like this -.-
well although i dun planned to come back, but i also wish to be i wont get to miss all the pleasant things.. like you?

things happen in the future i may not know, but chances of being together is low although that is my wish..but i guess wish doesnt come true all the time...
there many things i can say..but will it happen? this entry can go on without stopping .. -.-
today was a sucking day..nothing comes right..
pray tomorrow would be better

3:23 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

FUCK i have had enough of this..
why are there so many life..why cant i live with simple and carefree life..
how i wish i had my own house..everyday stare at those clouds moon and stars..and maybe with my future wife..doing romantic things which u dun see everybody doing it..example cooking together?
why lies and misunderstanding could happen at any situations..why people love to lies to defend themselves..or misunderstand the topic or question..why people thinking running away situation will solve their problems..example ignoring..
there nothing i can do..cause i dun hold the key..but if i hold it i wont let it happen..cause by doing all this u all are suffering too. had to worry on how should u face the consiquences or worst dun even bothered..and continue pushed the responsibility..humans are selfish and indeed they are
tomorrow my love life not bad leh..but recently always not bad..nothing seems to show..i think i need love..if not i would not be looking for years..-.-

7:00 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

i sleep without offing the computer -.- so switch off at 2am..and wake up at 5 plus muscles are weak and pain..i cant even perform a simple dash to the busstop from my house..and today i do alot of stomach are pain too..let me off..

today i was late..i can take 28 from any 2 bus-stops near my i went to the i saw this lady..she told me raining..i see no 28 and the time has i ask her did u see bus 28 drive past..she just i walk to the another bus stop to take bus to interchange..but while walking i saw 28 i took..and i saw that ngee ann girl !! it was raining..

1st lesson maths..i didnt do it like the chances of getting that question correct is less than 50% anyways..mrs tan seems to be happy..but later she said cause i never do work so she angry..made her disappointed again..during maths hazwany asked me and you both got a girl? (girlfriend) it was sad to answer no -.- anyways it was so dumb..

i participate in chinese and english..but slack during chemistry..told u mdm yew is funny..shes cute too..the way she laugh or should i say smile..anyways shes old =X

went home directly after school..was expecting to take 28 so chances of seeing ngee ann high cause today school ends at 1.15pm anyways didnt -.-

tomorrow i will get to see her again..provided i wake up..anyways i can only sit one side and stare..wonder waht if she has a boyfriend or effort is wasted?

anyways i was wondering also were u attached? that everything of yours are beautiful it kinda impossible if u didnt..but i can also believe u didnt..but..well without much edvidence..cant say so..i fear when the day u attached with another guy..and....

bless me

3:15 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

i am tired, weak and dying due to the 5 items..while i really did my best, i cant push my limits till i over~

i really dun understand why i still have that childish thinking of..hating of that thing and i wont force myself to do it..and seriously i didnt do maths again..mrs tan todays mood dun seems to be very good..but she didnt scold fact she say shes happy to see my smile, but...then she is busy with another student -.-

anyways that her charchter that shows how special she is..i kinda intrested how much would she want her husband to earn..cause maybe in future she the type of woman i wanted..because she dun get angry easily even she is moody, but she will show it.. and u must know it..while i am understanding should be i guess i can work well communicating with her..communication is important..that also increase the bonding of the relationship..and she always put up that bright smile u will see on her face..and she quite beautiful for her age =X

i want to know would u mind your husband to earn very little every month, would u mind your husband could be a useless person, maybe depending on you, would you mind suffer with your husband if there is any?, would you married with you?
but i wont mind, if i have to find time to accompany u when you are bored or when u need me, i wont mind suffer just for you, i wont mind loving u. i wont mind if i would have to die for u
but i mind if u dun love me, i mind if u leave me and i mind.....
(a note for my future wife?)

had a good sleep last night, but wake up with that tired feeling again..and manage to take 28 and saw that ngee ann girl =X ngee ann girl ngee ann girl ngee ann girl =X oops i am going crazy ....

pray that i can see everyday =X lalalalas~

6:27 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, July 10, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

thank you lor..france lose = i lose ..anyways went school with that tired face..28 was late today ..but i manage to saw that ngee ann girl..she beautiful =X
physics first lesson..that teacher as u know his kinda gambler he lose 500 plus on this match or he placed his bet..
i sleep all the way through maths, english and even chemistry..geography mdm yew is funny..
anyways stay back to do dnt..waste of my time? tired tired..
tomorrow my love luck not must see ngee ann girl..and also 5 items..

9:42 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, July 09, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

sleep around 3 plus..had this sweet dream/ was so sweet that i dun have to add sugar on tea =X if everything happen on the dream happen to me in real..that would be fantastic
i never expect to dream of you..but i dreamt you ...

later going work..



11:31 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

8th june went to bbq from yokejin's friends..their friends are real jokers...especially this girl i just know call qian hui..anyways they played water bomb -.- and they all planned to throw at me..lucky i am smart enough to sense their the end the ask a guy in their team which is the fastest runner to run to me..while he is really fast..and faster in straight i intend to twist his angle and slow him fact i can perform agility...but when i want to make a right turn onto this field of plants..or i raise my leg and i step i can the end it was like so deep so i fall -.-
that guy can direct hit me..but he didnt we know each other actually also..but that was when we were in student care
anyways i was clean from those water but dirty with those sweat..
went home with xinyi..9th is her birthday..happy birthday xinyi..
later germany vs portugal..ohmy now i am into gambling..joshua is going crazy also..
but peoples tapped my shouldes -.-
anyways finial also coming..i also bet..hope i dun lose..FRANCE will win =X
how i wish i got the energy to watch that match france vs italy..but i afraid i cannot take 28 the next morning and cannot see that ngee ann girl =X

1:36 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, July 08, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

friday went school..this week i been taking 28 besides..thursday cause got world cup..but i manage to took that 28 cause got this ngee ann girl which is pretty =x

after school reach was talking to belinda on the phone..she kinda in she wont mind her husband earning 1000 dollars thinking she will suffer..

went to comments was boring..but had wonderful supper..sambal kangkong, asparagus, cereal chicken, onion egg and salted vegetable with tofu soup..was all leftovers la..but was nice..

i thought germany vs portgual starts today..but actually tomorrow cause many people tapped my shoulders many times..LOL

later suppose got work but must go grandma house.. so i didnt work..and after going grandma house i think must go bbq...

i am tired now..bless me

1:18 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, July 07, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today is my 2.4km run test..while as the teacher say there is MISCOMMUNICATION but something not expected happened i didnt want it..i rather i re-run? that not my ability
anyways was tired suppose to watch movie with yokejin and her funny friends..
but duno they have something on..

i asked my friends, they said u are special, i find it too , but usually special things..

tomorrow is a better day ( i keep lying to myself -.- )

4:54 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Thursday, July 06, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

happy birthday yokejin..FRANCE won portugal 1-0
i was very tired today..and the weather was perfect for me to sleep=X
today oral -.- was alright actually..but when i walk to the examiners i get anxious..
so i read the do u pronounce diane? di- ane? LOL
then later to the picture description so was talking quite alright till they ask me what do u think this guy is i say he probably thinking that why are there so many people here -.- and 1 of them laugh...
so the last part is conversation..question is where do u spent when u out with your friends..i was thinking..i seldom go out..due to no one dates now school..long hours in school plus i got work..i dun think got time to go out also? unless i was inform earlier i said i seldom go out so he asked waht do u do at i just say use computer technology increase rather than people sent is sent email=x then he ask alot say if u have a house how u want to decorate..i got a picture how i want to design..but how i put in words -.- and he ask how would i decorate..but actually he also added waht is my favourite colour -.- although my answer to them are like funny? but they didnt ask clear.. and i was so kanjong..headaches u stress 2 person looking at the end the examiner who laugh first said dun so nervous..anyways this entry like so untidy..i post it while i having headache..agrh..cant be bothered even i fail -.- i do waht i can do already....
during mother tongue..that passage from sec3b textbook topic duno tlaking about a family which is very poor but have to use smiles to cover the unhappiness and live with sickness and touching..the teacher also talk things which are useful in future..when i think tears just feel like future..i cant even get a picture right now..i can draw a sketch..but in time..the drawing will turn to white paper -.-
i duno what i am thinking -.- headaches..

hope tomorrow is a better day

5:22 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

went to meet yokejin at 6pm..and so wait till 7pm then everybody arrive they are late..went to east coast de long beach had feast..sambal kangkong, fried rice, cereal prawn, chili crab, deer meat and fried buns..they are sure eat less..a guy and i finish most of the thing =D all are good food..tomorrow is yokejin birthday that why there such a celebration..5 of her friends plus me and her 7..her friends are jokers..they are funny..we took photo hope i can get it and post it somewhere..gave her chocolates...i have mmy reason of giving..although it simple, common or maybe cheap..but it my creativity that cost a bomb =X
i am tired wonder can i withstand and watch the tomorrow i had my N level english oral exam -.- bless me..

11:59 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

today was a great day..when i wake up i watch the world cup -.- was late only know the score italy win germany 2-0 i lose 2 cups of bubble tea to junyi..he cant make up his mind on deciding which country to bet..untill i say germany never win before italy..then he say he want bet on italy..anyways tonight match france vs portugal..france will win =P
1st lesson maths..i finally saw mrs tan big smile..while i didnt disappoint her today i put my best performance already..and she praise me =x next is english i did summary okays..but physics i totally ignore..that mr goh was crap..he didnt even have the mood to teach..and he still say there a idiot who bet on germany $1000 and lose, thinking germany will win..while the idiot is him, that was so obvious..and he still continue lame..he said during the june holidays he do charity..donate a large sum to singapore pools -.- and added $3000 - $4000
loves geography lesson..mdm yew is total funny..although she serious but i find it jokes..hahas so old liao but still quite cute =x
FRANCE will win.. and must win..

3:19 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

let start with early morning..3 plus then i get to sleep and i have to wake up at 5 plus..2 hours of sleep i thought i would be very tired and not getting out of bed..but eventually i manage to get up and get ready for school

reached school without late..morning talk by principal as usual..thinking she will talk nonsense but she finally talk some sense..and i love that poem it rhyme with meaning
during lessons i am being a good boy..i put up a smile on my face feeling happy without knowing the reason..and do those works that require..till chemistry i cant take it so i had a nap cause it kinda boring..and last 3 periods of maths.. i forced myself to do 8 questions when i want to try the 9th i was too tired to try..yea i was correct mrs tan was totally disappointed with my conduct and everything during her lesson..for today i already done my best..but my best is not what u want from me..i am not that perfect that u think..i already tire out..and i really duno how to do those not by u explain that question i know how to do the rest..i lack of the foundation..i even cried when i do problem sums when i was primary 5..cause by then problem sums is 55 marks of the whole sister that time teach me till i cry..-.- i dun wish history repeat itself..

go home straight after school, told u i am a good saw jierui talking to this guy and get a stick from i pretend i didnt usual he ask me where i going..i just show him that hack care face and said..i going to put a stick on my mouth a by 1 blow i going to burn the filter and he can still continue lame with his sickness he should know continue smoking is going to harm him..
took 28 so there this guy from our school wanting to get a girl number from bedok green it was funny, that guy friend past his phone to that girl..and eventually that girl gave him i think..cause his face put that smile away..
anyways it remind me of when i knowing your is not i wanted your number but want your was thinking get it another day..but that day during sports day 2006 zijing & jierui keep mumbling, speaking, shouting your number in my ears..obviously even with such lously memory can even memorise..what more when i have a good memory..

but thinking like there so many guys out there who has better chance than me to like in future i may not be the one..being together with u and infact seeing another guy going out dating with u..not being pessimistic but that the fact..and when i think of tears starts to i wish i could run till my stamina stops when it is raining heavily people wont know actually i am tear-ing

2:56 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, July 03, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

went out to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with jeremy, lianjie, remington and 2 of their friends..i am hungry so ate alot =x
so went out with them..they are lame stare at me when i missed superband..didnt watch anyways i can only wait for the results..
brandon, lianjie and jeremy got relationships problem..while it kinda like we guys really very difficult to "pei shang" girls meh...anyways their duno girlfriend or ex-girlfriend are all not really pretty or cute..personaility not very good? if not they wont treat them like this..abandon is serious..anyways no offence..maybe my expectation is also very high..really no offence so dun get offended.
a new month = many expenses to spent on..bus fare, dnt projects, maths booklet, english 5 years adidas bag..handphone bills..birthday presents, daily expenses and also household items..must calculate nice i wont suffer lost

11:22 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

many people around me are attached and getting attached, even though the hurt is there after the breaking..the same cycle continues they start getting attached..and many of my friends doing that now..what are they trying to do..they love multiple peoples? or are they trying to lie to for this i been left alone in this lonely world..sees people suffers and in pain..
and when they commit a mistake they blame themselves..thinking things will be alright?
with my potential now.. i am not fit for any girls in singapore..due to their expectation and my expectation is total impossible..not being negative or pessimistic...but that the truth that is telling me..
anyways suppose to go out with jeremy today to bugis in search of adidas bag and orchard in search of pretty girls that his idea =x but he said he been held up from tuition -.- cheated my feelings

5:36 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

2nd june was working..same old problem..customers dun even know what they order and they are so impatient to wait..when they wanted to eat..and also brazil lost to joshua also lost $101 but my $1 i never calculate with him..cause $100 is alot..anyways we still had great supper..i ate alot..the supper, fish & chips and cereal prawn too bad dun have stingray..although i lost contact with lianjie brandon and i can still continue keep them in touch cause i got their email address..
i get my pay..i wanted to buy adidas bag..i am crazy of that..
the 2 gals working at the pub 1 cute 1 pretty..both of them didnt work yesterday but the pretty 1 came..and came with her friend..both of them is..1 word to describe BEAUTIFUL =x
and i am also crazy over a song.."zhi dui ni you gan jue" sang by hebe and "fei lun hai" they lyrics is wonderful also..too bad here cannot accept chinese characters if not i will post it..
many songs i know, those lyrics are meaningful..and is some feelings i want to show it out..eventually it can written as a song.. cool..
i also duno why my blog getting lagger and the music stop playing..
anyways today is youth school = enjoy..i want enjoy!! =x

1:16 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, July 02, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

yesterday i got $5 tips..while i only helped to take a picture of a family of 3 couples..kinda was really leg muscles are numb and pain..due to so long no excercise and i suddently run so called 2.4km on friday p.e lesson..there this customer..the son voimited on the plate with full of fried rice..ohmy yucks i have to clear it..*gross* and there this customer say that guy handsome..but i guess they say someone else..but when i serve to their table awhile later..that girl say why this guy look alike from that guy..then later she added it the same person..i didnt expect she say me *grins*
anyways that gal from the pub, asked me to serve hot drinks again..and this time she beg me..she say serve to this table and continue added pls pls pls...hah~ kinda act cute..anyways she quite this also remind me of zoelyn =P
anyways today match england vs portugal & brazil vs france..if england and brazil wins..joshua and remington going to treat tomorrow dinner..and i get to decide what i want *smiles*
the stars and the moon tonight is beautiful..when i stare at them i got a picture of i wish every moment i get to think you, miss you and in fact love you..

1:03 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Saturday, July 01, 2006
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

1st day of the month..nothing special about it..many people i know born in july, august and september..while wish them happy always..wondering who will wish me something similar or persent gift/s to me..hah~ just dreaming..i am too tiring of worrying and thinking too much..while i'm better off dreaming..
how stare at clouds, stars and the will be like great to stare it alone..but it would be perfect to stare it with someone..i will be awaiting for that day to come..

5:09 PM

it continues to stain, why?.