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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

okay slightly a proper post, august again, so many people birthday ar.... okay, so i wished someone, and someone ask who am i -.- wtf? okay not fuck, erms.... and others i cant be bothered to even wish...o , why ? what happened? in this world, u think about people, people dun think about you, or rather they think u as a radio, eh why radio? good question, stereo come from? radio la, so waht, stereotype? oi does indian always so smelly, does nerd girls always single? oioioioi stop it, some indians are perfectionist okay, i believe they want to smell good, and nerd girls, wahts wrong? they might find their love one, or maybe it was some short love, but better than nothing right? damn it ! okay so one is radio, another is waht ? mp3? u expect the song to keep repeating for your sake? oioioioi then just get the CD single album, not mp3.. mp3 is to store a series of songs, when u listening to a slightly louder with a better quality song, lower down the volume, when u listen to a suck quality one, what do u do ? not to raise it louder, but to change it to a higher quality one, idiot ! o, FT job is not to be in class, its to smile at people and maintain their ricebowl, cool aint it? damn it, if i am wiser, u think i need to break thru that wooden door, going to a movable door then reach the glass door? oioioioi my bedroom dun even have a door, to be exact i dun even have a bedroom, give me a break pelase.
o jan is gone, really gone... argh why bother to say it right? she wont even have a chance to read this, even if it was read.. so? not like things will back to normal right? if u got a time machine, what will u do? turn back to the time? of course la, if not waht else u can do with that machine right.. oi stupid sell it la ! sell it ! u earn money in that sense.
alright i give up! give up writting this post, give up love, give up studies and give up maybe not myself.
when will the roller coaster going up! i sick of shouting out loud when its down.

12:19 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

do you know? that was probably our last conversation. that distant we created was invisible, i dun even see an image of you anymore. what is this? mazda3? oioi, that car was so common on the street, isnt suitable for you to drive. o, btw could you even get a license? alternatives like mazda6 was nearly impossible. actually any 4 wheel car with 4 doors will do. why are u so smart, so smart to ask me to say it out, when u should know the obvious. obvious that u should know the outcome, despite how much u didnt want it to be. so why tell me, dun worry, its okay. okay?
o gracious, and in a army, if you dun do anything u get tekan, if u say something, sergant will think u act smart, also tio tekan, campmates might sabo you, act in front of you and make you lose out due to some loser act, also tio tekan, but u will also meet nice fellow, who might ended up tio tekan with u, okay maybe not cause they are too kind. oioi why singaporean guys need to go army ar? why ? why ? ryuuji said he wanted everything to be burned down, so their field trip got burn. =/ so what cruse should i cruse? wtf la, u know fuck
i seirously , agrh fucked up la
wtf, fuck f, fuck,,f uf,c,dfdu,cd,c,fdufd,cdufc,dfucd,fdufc,dufd,cudf,dcudf,cufdf,cdufmcdf,fduc,dfcuducjf,fucdmc,
okay end of the world, thank you bye.

12:06 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, July 26, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

thanks for the hardwork everyone.. we have cleared communication graphics and whatever subject that u are taking with. it was a rather short and fast block. with the H1N1 lying around the era, what else could we do except the daily temperature taking in the morning? hah, the truth is, i skipped them frequently. the good thing was, i didnt skip school despite its individual work at your own time own target. i still get up early in the morning to go to school. this time i think i pace my time kinda well, tho could be better but i didnt wish to work like a robot. so during the last week, to be exact thursday and friday. thursday infrared and friday bluetooth. thursday was pretence, friday was coincidence. for some reason, i think my acting skills not bad? when i could've sat by your side. i dun remember did u promise a goodbye if u really have to leave, but since u leave i wouldnt care less.. o , and u left too? for waht reason? after editing so much for me... why? the remaining others, are all happily with someone else... but why cant i ? so what if there is this like, like-like feeling? Cherie was right... just go. o, even till the last day i didnt wish u well... but good luck for your SIP and FYP.. i dun care what i will become waht i got to do.. i am who i am get it. i can still live even without you. go rely on that rich bastard and soon u will realise even your classmates neglect u, not because they dislike u, but u neglect them first... well on the other hand, he might think that u neglect him for school work and your friends, but crap... u follow right into his trap, i know its irony but i enjoy being in this paradox feeling right now..i do not know why. alright so upcoming pcomd and p2, i will kick your butt totally okay ! if you get into my way again, i wont forgive you.
in the end, i didnt enjoy my weekends to the fullest.. somebody... so who will be the one at the very end? give me a break okay... i got sick and tired after waiting for so long, so dun just come and pop up when i wanted to give up okay.
do wahtever you like too, its your life , live it, be it.. if not no more chance.

7:55 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Monday, June 29, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

o, what a day for me... wanted to reached school on time.. and yet took a cab down... after wasting all those money, i reached the room on time... way before to be exact... but didnt expect that the lecturer wasnt there after 15 mins, so people out there started rumouring it seems like there is no class and someone even said fuck my life if there isnt. and seriously, fuck MY life, i waited 30 mins... and left after everyone started leaving. so i had basically another 2h and 30 mins of break..going canteen when i dun have much money left is an idiot, so i went to the library to use computer instead.. damn that com, i cant even access to barn buddy, whihc was a crap.. for i do not know the reason why i cant access thru home. subsequently i just shut that damn facebook and watched animation.. so after i sat outside the studio while waiting for the time to past, that was like about 1120 which is 40 mins more.. alright so its 12 and damn, had to take the PM temperature when previously was the AM one.. so went over to took wiht some other mates.. but damn its still the AM one -.- when its like past 12 already.. argh whatever, they dun even care u took temperature anot, why am i following rules all along -.- alright so its the subject brief, i just sat there felt like sleeping, okay so its group work of 3 for assignment 1 and individual for assignment 2... and i seriously think assignment 1 is fucking lots of work, well whatever.. so i was pair off with someone... i duno why was i so positive this time- just hope there's isnt any trouble, and dun scare me off early in the morning and another month will just past. alright so i got this 6 field trips within 2 weeks... and damn field trip again, when my phone crash the other time, i dun even have a good camera phone, neither do i have a digital cam... so the usual rejected due to some inferior bastard i bet.. well whatever, since i am not even able to meddle with the stuffs anymore, well good defence u play...good defence..~ i do have alternatives but... i might not used to it? agrh, again whatever... so class was dismissed kinda early, they were suppose to head to cafe cartel for lunch... but i didnt have much money in the first place, and damn i had to share a cab today due to " i doesnt want to be late for sch for the first day " and damn again, its not even the first day -.- and damn it again, rach ask me to go and eat free bread, wtf? well in the end, i didnt..sorry to reject the offer everyone.. it was kinda lonely road while walking home...because its suddently, the cold air keep blowing my head and causign the hair in the mess, well its okay since my life is already in the mess this morning... it took me more than 30 mins to reach home i guessed, was given a piece of bread from mui and saw my mother on the way back.. what does this tells? " if you got trouble, go to these 2 person ? " -.- wtf , seriously give me a break! so after i reached home, and after i ate that bread.. i went to sleep, and seriously slept for 6hours straight. and in between i even had crap dreams, dreams like ... agrh something i didnt like la.. alright so i woke up at 10 and from then till now, i have been using com...what a day can past like that right? and seriously u inferior bastard please please please, u wanted to live in isolation, dun drag me along wiht you for you fuckin subtracting my world, you will fucking get your retribution back..
and if i could tell everything to u easily... i would have asked why did u left and come back now... although u could have just not accept that damn request.. and i am not using that as a stalking device... for i guess i just been missing you.

10:31 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, June 19, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

oyasuminasai =/

4:33 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

watched i love you, man on thursday.. great show. maybe how man are created are from what woman wanted? but also how woman created are what man wanted but they normally are clear how they wanna become and became but in the end, they gave in and be fierce and pretend nothing had happen.
so after all, i was just a joke to you ? when i thought i am old enough to consider how serious i should be. maybe after all, the same species will only understand its own gang.
seriously if we were to print money, and u were to play guitar i were to play bass, then we are exactly like in the movie but life is not like movie, but we create our own movie.. okay all the buts, will never happen
and if you try, its like an intention of giving must do it, and so you will accomplish it.
i seriously dun care what my sis will become in the future, neither do i know what i will become too also i wouldnt know what my wife would look like, i am kinda ignoring all these already.. maybe single life would give u this carefree life to love everyone and not worrying about the outcome.
the sweat that contain alcohol, sometimes its good to feel like u are flying, the carefree feeling... so waht if your wallpaper still got that jerk face, or u still interested in that bloody a**hole. its not important to me.
should i invest on digital camera or some mp3 like ipod touch? i seriously need music i think? since mio charchter soundtrack become so hot now.. and toradora opening keep me high and in love. just if i were to print money...
and go ahead and hate boys, tho i am not a boy, but i know where i stand in your world. you used to have this url, but i have lost yours...and recently we just came back in contact, which i do not know, are u still as active as perviously. u had new friends, new life... tho i sitll miss your face, your voice, your words..your everything, i would still praise you as my number one pretty girl list. if you could at least see this, hahas you would want to delete me immediately, tho i still couldnt get it why u left previously...because your newly attached boyfriend, wanted u to be "male-free" =/
girls out there, dun ever ever believe the word of a man, unless they ask you to marry them and really flash a damn big diamond ring, and u felt his sincerity, only then u can only trust them...being in a relationship, they will take care of you forever, love you forever they all bowlshit.. even fairytale doesnt have them.
get lost la this corrupted world, i wonder when i get married, how many young ladies are victim of the jerk, hope my wife is innocent. me too here too.
damn it..
it's me, call me.

4:09 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

it's been very long, the duration was so long that i couldnt remember the departure of the image, but it arrive back which make me happy as usual but yet sour and bitter at the same time. the only thing i couldnt comprehen was, why do you left without bidding goodbye and now back as if nothing happen?

i had this apel2 survey suddently to complete asap, the cart rental for mic buisness, the CDS and elective subject selection on friday, and my phone suddently break down which i am already uncontactable for 4 days. although i feel the peace, but at the same time i feel loneliness. go out, eat , play all need money... if i got all the money in the world, u think i need to worry so much about what i am spending?

my sis said she want to retake Os, redo diploma and take a degree... i say for waht, when u are 2x old already... by the time she finish education shes already 3x nearly 40s she said its for her career and added interior designer sucks. =/

although i dun think i will become a designer after i graduate, but people told me then why bother waste time to clear this diploma right? my alternative career would be a pilot, since i have perfect eyesight which was a great advantage, plus u are the air stewardess.. isnt that cool? or maybe i will really being an interior designer.

seriously i wish my sixth sense had not witness anything, it always doesnt feel right after knowing so why bother to know right? damn it, but someone told me not to hate it because she likes it.

well at least i got the connection, the bird and 3 of my eye candy 1 from sch 1 outside the world and 1 from the virtual world.

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11:57 PM

it continues to stain, why?.

Sunday, May 24, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

i know the cruse is on going, but that's not gonna stop me from pursuing.. despite that i know i have lost from the start.. i keep thinking there's a way that i could get it, that i could break that cruse.. but i guessed it just hanging over there. so what if i get to indirectly waved at her? that would be the most happiest moment within these few years even if she had a crush at someone else.
traditional mindset caught me in a dilemma this dinner.. a treat from a female, is a must to avoid from a male. touched words were spoken, that add flavouring to the wings. it's the first time i had such cheap and nice cooked salmon and meatballs. i have to stop, however i want this to keep happening..
money management is a crucial skills i need to redevelop. transport and entertainment for reducing stress was the highest spending rate, followed by food then assignment.. when normally its the opposite. if the rate of coming across with those forgetful, ingrateful kids, would switch with my eye candy. i would probably the happiest guy in the world. i used to know what i want in this world, what i wanna be in the future, what i planned for in the future... but i guessed its no longer important, because i think i forgotten.
at least i goes to school with a willing heart, so far..

3:02 AM

it continues to stain, why?.

Friday, May 01, 2009
we even lost sight of things we've seen before,

again - YUI

fragile human eh? but i am thankful that i was being told, before u are gone in my world. and damnit, you should be grateful that u have such a nice kanojo, feel insecure? bowlshit please... her confirmation, her decision, her priorty are on you, you and you... you should have much more confidence on her, instead of worrying on the shit...are you not grown up yet? i need confidence for assurance, and yet i couldnt... but you could, so why are u feeling more despair compared to me? move, susume.. the world ahead with the two of you would be great, if u use it the right way.. well, i could be a stranger to you... but talking like that sounds kinda rude.. but since i was compensate i guessed u are forgiven unless u did something, which u shouldnt..then u have a price to pay...but i doubt i will be told about it. since its sayonara, its farewell.. different people have different limit of patience.. i guessed mine is about 6 months.. but i do saw 4 years example.. at least acknowledge the effort.. as time goes down the road, due to my photographic memory i would give the shocking face still..but to some, i was just an ordinary person that fit into the crowd. i can see the love that u put in... that you would do anything for him.. well thats great but do not fall in to traps taht he set.. protect yourself first.. fantasy love do not exist anymore in this damn shit practical world.. well similar things happen to belinda too, letting her go was the only decision that i could think of, is right.. and something similar almost happened onto irene..but i am not so dumb to fall into the trap twice right? i wonder what god want me to learn this time... being protective is alright, but not over protective you nut.

Share the World (preview) - Dong Bang Shin Ki

Cagayake!GIRLS - Sakurakou K-ON Bu

Dont say "lazy" - Sakurakou K-ON Bu

no more "pat on your head, anymore.

4:03 PM

it continues to stain, why?.